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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

Time to get your car in order for this coming winter. These are items we can check and fix for you

  1. Check your tires and replace with new snow tires, if needed.
  2. Engine coolant clean and rated for low temperatures. You don't need your engine freezing up!
  3. Car engine thermostat works properly.
  4. Exterior Lights are all working and bright.
  5. Your battery is strong and can pass a load check.
  6. Car's charging, alternator, system works properly, at the correct voltage and current, and battery clamps are clean too.
  7. Replace your wipers with new winter ones. Make sure the fluid is for ultra cold temperatures too, or it can freeze. Make sure your defrosters work too.
  8. Engine oil is fresh and light weight, like 5W-30 or lighter for winter.
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